3-Night Northern Nevada Indian Territory Adventure - Part 2

Day 1

Day 3 - Fallon, NV to Lovelock, NV

  • Fallon to Sand Mountain Recreational Area :35 /28 miles
  • Sand Mountain Recreational Area to Grimes Point Archaeological Area :20 /18 miles
  • Grimes Point Archaeological Area to Hidden Cave Archaeological Area :10 /2 miles
  • Hidden Cave Archaeological Area to Stillwater National Wildlife Refuge :25 /17 miles
  • Stillwater National Wildlife Refuge to Fox Peak Station :25 /15 miles
  • Fox Peak Station to Lovelock 1:00 /56 miles

TOTAL: 2:55 /136 miles

Day 3 - Fallon, NV to Lovelock, NV

Day 2

Day 4 - Lovelock, NV to Reno, NV

  • Lovelock to Lovelock Cave 1:00 /20 miles
  • Lovelock Cave to Pyramid Lake Paiute Museum and Visitors Center 2:00 /87 miles
  • Pyramid Lake Paiute Museum/Visitors Center to Popcorn Rock Wildlife Viewing Area :10 /5 miles
  • Popcorn Rock Wildlife Viewing Area to Reno 1:00 /53 miles

TOTAL: 4:10 /165 miles

Day 4 - Lovelock, NV to Reno, NV

3-Night Northern Nevada Indian Territory Adventure - Part 2

2 Days

164 Miles/263 KM


Fallon NV
Reno, NV


  • Pyramid Lake: located 35 miles north of Reno, discover the unique history and culture of the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe (Kuyuidokado) at the Pyramid Lake Museum & Visitors Center or enjoy camping and world class fishing at the lake (tribal permit required) .
  • Grimes Point Archaeological Site: Just east of Fallon, this site offers an interpretive path from which visitors can see petroglyphs (ancient rock art). Grimes Point is near Hidden Cave, an archaeological site open on select weekends for guided tours.

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Other Resources

Nevada’s tribal communities welcome visitors. Please note that museum hours and Tribal regulations may be subject to change, contacting or visiting to the Tribal administration offices or museums before your visit is recommended. For more information about proper etiquette when visiting a Tribal community or purchasing authentic American Indian art please visit www.nevadaindianterritory.com.


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