Alphonso Bird Blackfeet Artist

Alphonso Bird Blackfeet Artist Information

Alphonso has been painting for about 25 years.  He utilizes a wide variety of mediums but focuses on acrylic.  He also carves bark and wood.  

Alphonso carves full size animals to scale as well as busts, bears and buffalo on smaller scales.  He focuses on a wide variety of themes including western, Native American (pre- and post- reservation) as well as landscape and wildlife themes.  He uses pictures of Blackfeet and Glacier as his models for many paintings and carvings.  His studio is located at his home in Browning, MT on the Blackfeet Reservation.

Alphonso Bird Blackfeet Artist

  • 753 7th Ave SW
  • Browning, Montana 59417
  • 406-845-2526
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Native Owned Business - Tribal Affiliation
Blackfeet Nation

  • Time Zone: Mountain Standard Time

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