Alutiiq Ancestors' Memorial

Alutiiq Ancestors' Memorial Information

The Alutiiq Ancestors’ Memorial is a public park in downtown Kodiak that honors the Alutiiq people and their history. The park has seating, signs sharing Native history, a memorial planter and archway, a brick walkway filled with community messages, and a stunning view of Chiniak Bay.

A committee of tribal leaders, city representatives, business owners, and community supporters guided the park’s development. The park is maintained by the Alutiiq Museum and the City of Kodiak.

The park is landscaped with winding pathways, which culminate at a central, circular stone planter surrounded by benches. Circles are an important symbol in Alutiiq culture and art. They can represent the universe and passageways between the human and spirit world, and are also symbolic of vision and awareness. An archway artpiece, sponsored by the Regional Native Corporation Koniag, Inc., is installed at the bottom end of the park.

Alutiiq Ancestors' Memorial

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