Badland's Celebration

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The Badlands Celebration in Brockton, Montana, is a vibrant cultural festival hosted by the Fort Peck Tribes. This annual showcase of Native American heritage, drawing visitors to the northeastern plains of Montana for a weekend of dance, music and community spirit.

Set against the stark beauty of the Montana badlands, the celebration offers a stunning landscape of rugged, eroded hills and vast open skies. The Fort Peck Tribes, composed of Assiniboine and Sioux nations, welcome guests to experience their rich traditions in this breathtaking setting.

The Badlands Celebration in Brockton, Montana, is an annual event celebrating Native American culture and traditions through traditional dancing, mouthwatering cuisine and artisan crafts. Attendees enjoy a sensory experience, immersing themselves in the depth and beauty of Indigenous heritage while forging connections through shared experiences and cultural appreciation.

This vibrant celebration serves as a cultural oasis, inviting visitors to engage with and honor the rich traditions of Native American peoples. Through dancing, food, and crafts, attendees share in Indigenous communities' resilience, pride and unity, fostering connections that celebrate the Tribes' cultural legacy.

Accommodations for the Badlands Celebration are available in nearby towns such as Wolf Point and Poplar. Brockton is located in the northeastern corner of Montana. Billings Logan International Airport is the nearest airport. For those traveling by train, the Amtrak station in Wolf Point offers a convenient gateway to the area.

Badland's Celebration

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  • Time Zone: Mountain Standard Time

Event Dates

Starts: June 28, 2024

Ends: July 30, 2024

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