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Dineega –Directly tied to our Culture-

The symbolic beauty in this tee-shirt lies in the power of our Native Culture. Every dream, big or small starts with a single thought, an emotional connection, a visual picture, but to bring our Native Culture to life through this design gives it meaning. 

Native Alaskans living in rural areas have long used the resources of Alaska’s land and waters for survival. More importantly, Subsistence is both a cultural way of life and an economic necessity. Native Alaskans must hunt and fish in order to survive. Dineega (Moose) are directly tied to this Culture, providing traditional clothes; food for the winter; bindings for snowshoes and materials for dog sleds.

Hunting has always been about providing for my family and is much more than just hunting. It is the great occasion when we may return to the fine simplicity of our ancestors.

The beauty of this culture lies in nature and in the animals, in their purest form; the simplicity; the appreciation of the little things that go unnoticed. Beyond anything material. A world that does not need any changes.

A profound shift happens when you are out in the forests or high in the mountains or far up a river. You lose yourself and at the same time you find yourself.

Find yourself in Dineega Clothing.

Paul John Jr

Dineega Clothing

Dineega Clothing

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