Fort Kipp Celebration Pow-wow

Fort Kipp Celebration Pow-wow Information

The Fort Kipp Celebration Pow Wow, hosted by the Fort Peck Assiniboine & Sioux Tribes, is a vibrant event and a great way to experience Native American culture and tradition. The powwow grounds are set against Montana's rolling plains and big skies, creating a stunning landscape for this cultural gathering. The event is hosted by the Fort Peck Tribes, including the Assiniboine and Sioux nations, who have lived in this region for centuries, preserving their traditions and sharing them with the world. As the rhythmic beat of drums fills the air, dancers adorned in colorful regalia enter the arena for the Grand Entry, marking the beginning of a spirited gathering.

Throughout the event, attendees are treated to mesmerizing displays of traditional dancing, with each step and movement telling a story of resilience, heritage and community. From the graceful swirls of the women's fancy shawl dance to the powerful stomps of the men's traditional dance, the Pow Wow showcases the diversity and beauty of indigenous dance styles. 

Amidst the rhythmic melodies, the Pow Wow grounds come alive with the sights and sounds of indigenous arts and crafts. Booths adorned with intricate beadwork, handcrafted jewelry, and pottery offer a glimpse into the creativity and craftsmanship of Native artisans. Meanwhile, the tantalizing aroma of traditional foods wafts through the air, enticing attendees to sample frybread, Indian tacos and other culinary delights steeped in indigenous flavors. 

As families gather, friendships are forged, and cultural connections are strengthened, the Fort Kipp Celebration Pow Wow serves as a powerful testament to the resilience, pride and unity of Native American communities, welcoming all to join in celebrating heritage and tradition. The Fort Kipp Celebration Pow Wow is held on the fourth weekend of August.

Located near the confluence of the Missouri and Yellowstone Rivers, the Fort Kipp Powwow is accessible via the nearest airport, Billings Logan International Airport, approximately 200 miles away. For those traveling by rail, the Amtrak station in Wolf Point offers a convenient gateway to the event.

Fort Kipp Celebration Pow-wow

  • Fort Peck Reservation (10 miles east of Brockton & 10 miles west of Culbertson)
  • Fort Kipp, Montana 59213
Travel information
  • Time Zone: Mountain Standard Time

Event Dates

Starts: August 24, 2024

Ends: August 25, 2024

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