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Frybread Mama's, in Bismarck, North Dakota, beckons locals and visitors alike with the irresistible aroma of freshly fried dough. This beloved establishment, a staple in the community, is renowned for its mouthwatering frybread—a Native American comfort food that transcends generations. The menu at Frybread Mama's is a celebration of diverse flavors, featuring a range of toppings from savory to sweet, each enhancing the golden perfection of their signature frybread. Beyond the delectable treats, the welcoming atmosphere and friendly service make Frybread Mama's a cherished gathering spot. Whether craving a savory taco or a sweet powdered sugar delight, Frybread Mama's in Bismarck promises a culinary experience that pays homage to tradition with every delightful bite.

Frybread is a culinary treat at powwows and gatherings. It embodies the Indigenous history of survival. As tribes were displaced to reservations, government rations provided basic ingredients like flour, salt and lard. Frybread became a staple from these rations and has become a symbol of resilience and adaptation amid adversity. 

Frybread Mama's

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