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Inspired by the Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe’s ancestral connection to our local waterways and the bounty they provide, The House of Seven Brothers features locally sourced seafood, produce, and protein from fisherman, farmers, and ranchers across the Olympic Peninsula. The House of Seven Brothers is inspired by a traditional S’Klallam story and is the next step in our continuous effort to build the future while remembering the past. For thousands of years, the S’Klallam (“strong”) people lived in villages along the north coast of the Olympic Peninsula, moving with the seasonal resources and living in harmony with nature. In addition to hunting in the mountains and harvesting and fishing in the salt and fresh waters of the area, the S’Klallams maintained the Sequim prairie by burning it back each year, to create habitat for berries and other edible plants, and new grass to feed the deer and elk they hunted.

House of Seven Brothers

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