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Hualapai River Runners offers whitewater rafting trips on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. Options include a one-day whitewater rafting trip or a two-day paddle rafting adventure. 

On the one-day trip, you’ll experience 12 miles of whitewater rapids before reaching Travertine Falls. You’ll hike to the cavern and natural waterfall before stopping for lunch along the river.  After lunch, the Hualapai's experienced guides will share stories about the history and culture of the Hualapai people as you resume your trip another 30 miles down the Colorado River.

The two-day paddle rafting adventure allows you to camp overnight, experience whitewater rapids and see the Canyon scenery up close. On day one, you’ll travel the Colorado River to Travertine Falls before continuing to Spencer Canyon to camp for the night and enjoy dinner by the campfire. In the morning, you’ll ride pontoon boats for another 30 miles. 

At the end of both the one-day and two day trips, a helicopter will fly you to Grand Canyon West, where you will have the option to tour Skywalk, Eagle Point and the Guano Point viewing areas.

Hualapai River Runners

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