Koyukuk River Tribal Tours, LLC

Koyukuk River Tribal Tours, LLC Information

We would like to introduce you to Koyukuk River Tribal Tours, LLC (KRTT), the newest endeavor of the Hudotl’eekkakk’e Tribe of Hughes Alaska. KKRT is a new Eco-Tourism start-up planning to offer two (2) service lines along the Koyukuk River in summer 2017; described below,

  • All-inclusive Guided River and Hills Camping Tours
  • Equipment Rentals and Outfitting

As a Koyukon Athabascan tribal business, we believe our operation has the potential to develop a competitive advantage significantly different from all other eco-tourism businesses operating in Alaska’s Far North and Interior regions.

We will highlight our connection to the Koyukuk River lands and waters that have sustained our people for centuries and educate guests on the wildlife that have “given themselves” to us to ensure our survival in some of the most extreme and unforgiving lands in the north.

Koyukuk River Tribal Tours, LLC

Travel information
  • Time Zone: Alaska Standard Time

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