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View and experience the traditional artwork of the Amskapi Pikuni (Southern Blackfeet).  Our gallery offers contemporary and traditional Natvie American fine art, but mainly art work by local Blackfeet artists, such as: Jackie Larson-Bread, Chrys Davison, David Dragonfly, Valentina Lapier, Darrell Norman, Robert Orduno, Neil Parsons, Jerry Potts, Gale Running Wolf, Francis Wall and Monte Yellow Bird.  Darrell Norman is the owner, operator and one of the primary contributors.

Local artists are available to commission for custom moccasins, beadwork, drums, shields, rattles and par fleches.

You can also make your own artwork in cultural mini-seminars and craft sessions.  Prices vary according to length of stay and types of materials used.

Lodgepole Gallery

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