Lyle Omeasoo Blackfeet Artist

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Lyle Omeasoo, was born on the Blackfeet Reservation in Montana. He is of the Blackfeet and Cree tribes. His children inspire him to paint and to be a good role model. "What motivates me is the challenge of being able to paint the subject.” Lyle creates meticulous artwork of culturally respected and spiritual dwellings, characters and tipi designs.   The pride he has for the Blackfeet people is depicted in his art.

Lyle utilizes what is available to him, and that is his culture, history and the land of his people. He shares his art skills with others in his local school system and in the community. Besides art, he also encourages the youth through cross country running.

Because of his caring attitude, he works well with people. Lyle was a 2000 First People's Fund Artist Fellowship Recipient and has attended and contributed to galleries and exhibitions throughout the US and Canada.  He can be visited at the Blackfeet Heritage Center & Art Gallery in Browning, MT.

Lyle Omeasoo Blackfeet Artist

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