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The Noquisiyi (Nikwasi) Mound is a significant archaeological and historical site nestled in Franklin, North Carolina. This ancient earthen structure stands as a testament to the rich cultural heritage of the Cherokee people who have inhabited these lands for millennia.

The Noquisiyi Mound, also known as the "Townhouse Mound," served as the ceremonial and political center for the Cherokee in this region. Constructed over many generations, it originally functioned as a platform for important tribal gatherings, rituals, and council meetings. The mound's strategic location near rivers and fertile lands also made it a hub for trade and social interaction among various Native American communities.

For centuries, the Noquisiyi Mound played a crucial role in Cherokee society, symbolizing unity and governance. It was here that decisions affecting the community were made, disputes were settled, and spiritual ceremonies took place. The mound itself is a marvel of engineering and cultural significance, constructed entirely by hand using earth, clay, and stone.

The Cherokee people hold a deep reverence for Noquisiyi Mound, considering it a sacred site that connects them to their ancestors and cultural identity. Its preservation and recognition as a historical landmark are essential for understanding the enduring legacy of Native American civilizations in Western North Carolina.

Today, visitors to Noquisiyi Mound can explore its history through interpretive signage, guided tours and archaeological exhibits. It stands as a reminder of the resilience and cultural vitality of the Cherokee people, inviting all to appreciate its importance in shaping the heritage of this region.

Travelers can reach Franklin via Asheville Regional Airport, located about 75 miles to the east. The nearest Amtrak station is in Toccoa, Georgia, approximately 50 miles to the south, offering rail connections for visitors traveling by train.

Noquisiyi Mound

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