Rafting the Wild Buffalo Rapids

Rafting the Wild Buffalo Rapids Information

The Flathead Reservation extends through the Northwestern area of the U.S. consisting of Idaho, Western Montana, Wyoming and part of lower British Columbia. The Flathead Reservation is home to the Flathead Lake, the largest natural lake west of the Great Lakes, and the Wild Buffalo Rapids on the Lower Flathead River.  On these waterways, the native people of the area historically found much of their food resources by fishing for salmon as well as other fish and hunting game in the area.

Explore these waters with the Flathead Raft Company, a family-owned operation in Polson, Montana. The owner, Tammy Fragua, is a member of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes (CSKT).  As part of the tour, you can choose from whitewater rafting, whitewater kayaking, scenic river trips, sea kayak trips, multi-day trips, Native American interpretive trips and group trips on the Flathead Lake.

Along with the option of rafting or kayaking, you have the chance to try a genuine Native American experience. You can spend the night in a tipi, craft dream catchers and medicine wheels, tan hides, or simply listen to the stories of the past in the local community. Overnight trips can be designed to suit a variety of camping, nutritional and safety needs.

Rafting the Wild Buffalo Rapids

  • 50362 S. Hwy 93
  • Polson, Montana 59860
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  • Time Zone: Mountain Standard Time

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