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Renegade Art Gallery is located in East Glacier Park on the edge of Glacier National Park and the Blackfeet Reservation.  The gallery is owned and operated by Valentina LaPier show casing her works of contemporary Native Imagery, with a focus on Metis and the Blackfeet Art.

LaPier's work is contemporary, constructed from historical Native images, like those found in the traditional art of the Blackfeet people. Her artwork has become a vehicle, by which she educates both Native and non-native people on the history of the different tribal images used in her work.

Valentina LaPier shares the landscape of her heart through her painted images, weaving together her life as a 21st Century artist, her Blackfeet heritage and her vibrant, mystical soul. These images and the ability to capture them on canvas come to Valentina as gifts. She graciously offers these gifts to us with their power and beauty.

Renegade Art Gallery

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Native Owned Business - Tribal Affiliation
Blackfeet Nation

  • Time Zone: Mountain Standard Time

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