Shishmaref Apartment & Native Artwork

Shishmaref Apartment & Native Artwork Information

Are you looking for an unusual experience in Alaska. Stay at the Shishmaref Apartment and visit some of the best Native artists in 
Alaska. Stay in a two-bedroom apartment with the best view in Shishmaref, a 600-person Native Village on an island in the Chukchi Sea.  The apartment has hot showers, wifi, cable TV and a fully equipped kitchen.  The apartment can sleep up to six.  

During the winter months, January-May, visitors may arrange to travel to the Serpentine Hot Springs, 55 miles by snow machine from Shishmaref.  The hot springs are the perfect place to relax and experience the Bering Land Bridge National Preserve - a true Alaskan Adventure.

Come stay and visit some of the best native artists in Alaska including:

         - Whalebone, walrus and mastadon ivory carvers who make jewelry and statues, and vertebrae disc masks

         - Seal and sea otter fur skin sewers, who make hats, slippers and other clothing items

The native artists' craft has been passed down through many generations.  The variety of natural materials and whalebone around Shishmaref gives the local artists unique materials to work with compared to other areas of Alaska.

Dennis Sinnok, the apartment owner, also represents the native artists of the Village, traveling throughout the state to sell their work. Contact him to inquire about the apartment availability, to meet native artists and purchase their work or to order custom artwork.

Shishmaref, Alaska, is a remote Village with around 600 people. It is located 30 miles south of the Arctic Circle, with the Chukchi Sea to the north and an inlet to the south. It sits atop rapidly melting permafrost.

Shishmaref Apartment & Native Artwork

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Native Village of Shishmaref

  • Time Zone: Alaska Standard Time

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