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Welcome to our Nation. We greet you with a hearty handshake and welcome you to our beautiful lands. You are invited to travel through Standing Rock- we will ensure an exciting journey and a better understanding of our culture. The Standing Rock Reservation consists of 2.3 million acres across both North Dakota and South Dakota, enveloped in rolling hills and natural prairie. The reservation is also located along major waterways which include the breathtaking Missouri River, Grand River, Cannon Ball River, Cedar Creek and Lake Oahe. We recommend that your first stop is at the Sitting Bull Visitor Center in Fort Yates, North Dakota where you can learn more about our history and pick up useful information and materials.

We invite you to share a part of our unique world and rich history which includes great leaders such as Sitting Bull, Gall, Two Bears and many others. Let us share our stories of Lewis and Clark travelling our rivers, the death of Sakakawea at Fort Manuel Lisa, the victory of Little Big Horn, Major James McLaughlin and the death of Sitting Bull, the reservation days and who we are today.

Sitting Bull Visitor Center

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