Art of the City

Art of the City is seeking Native Tribes across Turtle Island to participate in the next Art of the City docu-series “This is Indian Country!”

Capturing on film art, dance, music, culinary arts, story telling and more! Thorn's experience as a gallery owner and host will allow the viewer to experience Native culture from coast to coast and tribe to tribe, bringing awareness to the first people of North America.

Ruth-Ann Thorn, who is of the Rincon Band of Luiseño Indians has taken her advocacy for artists, particularly Native American artists, to a multimedia platform. Thorn’s docu-series titled “Art of the City” began as a project on Facebook Live. It’s now viewable on FNX network, GlewedTV, on PBS affiliates and on Thorn’s YouTube channel

Please contact for filming schedule and submission to be featured in a episode.

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