La Jolla Band of Luiseño Indians

La Jolla Band of Luiseño Indians Information

La Jolla Band members belong to the Luiseño Tribe. Luiseño traditional territory covered lands north of the Kumeyaays' land, including most of the San Luis Ray and Santa Margarita drainages. The term Luiseño is derived from the San Luis Rey Mission and has been used in Southern California. It’s believed that the name La Jolla comes from the misspelling of the Spanish word hoya which refers to a hollow formed in the earth.

The La Jolla Band of Luiseño Indians Nation spans 8,541 acres along the southern slopes of Mount Palomar and descends in cascading terraces to the cool forests of the upper reaches of the San Luis Rey River. The La Jolla Reservation was federally established in 1875 within traditional Luiseño territory.

Tribal members have resided in the region for thousands of years. Luiseño traditional territory originally covered roughly 1,500 miles of southern California to the north of the Kumeyaays’ land, including most of the San Luis Ray and Santa Margarita drainages.

The Tribe operates La Jolla Indian Campground with tubing along the banks of the San Luis Rey River and is the only campground with tubing access along the river. 

This Luiseño Bike Park features miles of mountain bike trails carved out of the scenic Palomar Mountains. The Park is open year rounds. It is designed for riders of all levels with trails comprised of diverse and rugged terrain. Bike rentals for a half-day up to three days are available.

Looking for excitement? The La Jolla Zip Zoom can be found at the La Jolla Campground is more than a mile long over several towers, providing riders with spectacular views of mountain peaks, lush green canyons and rustic steep slopes of the reservation.

In addition to gaming, the La Jolla Trading Post Casino includes a convenience store open 7 days a week with discounted fuel and a full-service restaurant.

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