Shoalwater Bay Reservation

Shoalwater Bay Reservation Information

The Shoalwater Bay Tribe is made up of Lower Chehalis, Shoalwater Bay and Chinookan people. The original territory of the Shoalwater Bay peoples included a vast network of waterways along the Chehalis and Columbia Rivers.

Today, the reservation is located on the southwest coast of the Pacific Ocean in Washington State. Stay in the cozy coastal rooms at Tradewinds on the Bay Motel with views of the Bay. Try the Bayside Café located inside the Shoalwater Casino for café style meals, burgers, soups, salads and more. The North Cove Bar and Grill serving steaks, seafood and American fare offers an upscale dining experience, “with a million dollar view of the ocean.”

Georgetown Station offers gas, groceries and hot deli foods for a quick bite. Located directly beneath the North Cove Bar and Grill is the Shoalwater Bay Tribal Museum where you can view a historical, full size traditional dugout canoe, as well as several gorgeous carvings, baskets, local archeological finds, artwork and a public library.

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