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Isolated in Wrangell Harbor is Chief Shakes Island and Tribal House, a site on the National Historic Register that receives over 10,000 visitors a year, and stands as one of the few lasting reminders of Southeast Alaska Natives and their unique totemic art.  The site's main feature is a replica of a 19th century Tlingit tribal house, which is set on the authentic location historically occupied by Chief Shake's lineage. A $1 Million renovation was completed on the house in 2013, with all work being done by locals with traditional tools and methods. A three-day celebration to welcome the new clan house has led to a cultural resurgence in the area, one which the Tribe wishes to share with guests in the mediums of Tlingit song, dance and storytelling.

Wrangell Cooperative Association

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  • Time Zone: Alaska Standard Time

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The Wrangell Cooperative Association (WCA) is a federally recognized sovereign nation with more than 600 enrolled tribal members at the mouth of the Stikine River Watershed.

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