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"We are the Lhaq'temish, the Lummi People. We are the original inhabitants of Washington's northernmost coast and southern British Columbia. For thousands of years, we worked, struggled and celebrated life on the shores and waters of Puget Sound.

"We are fishers, hunters, gatherers, and harvesters of nature's abundance. We envision our homeland as a place where we enjoy an abundant, safe, and healthy life in mind, body, society, environment, space, time and spirituality; where all are encouraged to succeed and none are left behind."

The Lummi Nation, located in the Pacific Northwest along the shores of the Pacific Ocean, boasts a rich history deeply intertwined with the region's breathtaking landscape and vibrant culture. The Lummi people are Coast Salish indigenous peoples who have inhabited the lands around the Salish Sea for thousands of years. The Lummi People lived near the sea and in the mountain areas, returning seasonally to their longhouses at several sites around the San Juan Islands, Whatcom County and southwestern Canada.  They relied on fishing, hunting and gathering for sustenance.

Smoking and sun drying were used to preserve many kinds of foods, including camas bulbs, berries, clams, oysters, crab, salmon, trout, elk, deer, bear and other land and sea plants and animals.  Western red cedar trees were used to fashion art, clothing, longhouses, baskets, canoes and cookware. Historically, the Lummi Nation's ancestors lived in villages along the coastline, relying on fishing, hunting and gathering for sustenance. They developed intricate social structures and spiritual practices centered around the natural world, honoring the salmon as a sacred resource and maintaining a harmonious relationship with the land and sea. 

The Lummi Nation was a party to the 1855 Point Elliot Treaty. They ceded lands to the United States in exchange for a reservation and guarantees to retain the rights to hunt, fish and gather in their usual and accustomed territories.

Visitors can stay at the Silver Reef Hotel, Casino & Spa, owned and operated by the Tribe. Pamper yourself at the Spa. Choose from a number of dining options, from the Steak House, to the Red River Cafe or or a stone fired pizza at Pizzanini. The Loomis Trail Golf Club is nearby. This public golf course was rated #5  in Washington by GolfWeek. 

In June, the Tribe hosts its Stommish Water Festival. This amazing spectacle includes canoe races, food and art vendors, performances and entertainment, and other events. The event was started to honor veterans and celebrats the canoe culture of the Tribe.

Nature enthusiasts will appreciate the proximity to Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, offering unparalleled hiking and camping opportunities amid old-growth forests and alpine lakes. The nearby San Juan Islands beckon with their pristine beaches and orca whale-watching tours. The Lummi Nation is near Bellingham, providing convenient access to attractions like Whatcom Falls Park, a serene oasis of waterfalls and trails.

Travelers can reach the Lummi Nation via Bellingham International Airport, while the Bellingham Amtrak station provides train service from major cities. Immerse yourself in the timeless spirit of the Lummi Nation, where tradition meets natural beauty along the rugged shores of Washington State. 

Today, the Lummi Nation upholds its cultural identity while embracing modern developments. The community is actively engaged in environmental stewardship, advocating for protecting natural resources and the salmon fisheries that sustain their way of life. 

Stunning coastal vistas, dense forests, and snow-capped mountains characterize the landscape surrounding the Lummi Nation. Mount Baker, a prominent volcanic peak, looms in the distance, providing a dramatic backdrop to the Salish Sea and surrounding islands. Visitors to the Lummi Nation have the opportunity to immerse themselves in this unique cultural landscape, learning about traditional practices and exploring the natural beauty that has shaped the identity of the Coast Salish people for generations.

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