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Come experience the real beauty of Louisiana through the eyes of the first people.  Sit on the banks of the bayou under the shade of 100 year old oak tree while watching the parade of boats float by.  Learn from tribal members how to live off the land and provide for your family by fishing, shrimping, crabbing, hunting and gathering wild berries.  With wildlife and beautiful vistas in abundance, Houma communities are a paradise for individuals seeking to connect with nature.

Enjoy the world renowned food and hospitality found among the Houmas.  Known for their generosity and generations old recipes, you will never be hungry or find an empty pot during your stay.  During the day, travel to Golden Meadow and Dulac to explore tribal history and see the works of the many talented artists including traditional woven baskets made of palmetto, cypress and cattails, wood carvings and Spanish moss creations.  Let the Houma French language tickle your ears as tribal elders spin the stories of their ancestors.

Don't be fooled by the inaccuracies of television, come and see for yourself a proud people who live side-by-side the Cajuns who continue to enjoy traditional living.  Just be cautious not to fall in love because you'll never want to leave.

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