Crystal Worl Public Art: 5ft. Metal Salmon Medallion

Crystal Worl Public Art: 5ft. Metal Salmon Medallion

The salmon medallion [in the northwest corner] is done by Crystal Worl. The lettering around it is done by Christy NameImage titlee Eriksen. The metal cutting was done by Adam Dimmitt. The design speaks to the concept of Latseen, the strength of mind, body, and spirit. The core cultural value medallions are a collection of art pieces that speak to the depth of relationship between Tlingit people and the landscape.”

The medallion has a Tlingit script on it stating “Haa Shuká” which represents honoring our ancestors and future generations.

“It is just exciting to be a part of downtown Juneau life,” Worl said. “It is all about that community and representing all those parts of the community. It is a symbol of that. That is what felt important to me.”

Eriksen, who joined Worl at the studio Tuesday, said her idea of lettering came from sitting down with Worl and figuring out how lettering could work with traditional formline art. She said the artwork is a symbol about the community.

“As someone who is non-(Alaska) Native, it was a privilege to work on this,” Eriksen said. “I think it symbolizes our coexistence, our collaboration and a celebration of the ownership we take in with it. I think there is an emotional element related to us as artists on a grander scale that resonated with me.

Eriksen also said she hopes these projects are just the beginning.

“I hope that is not all,” Eriksen said. “I hope what it is is a symbol of direction in where we are heading. I think it is exciting to live in a city where arts and culture are elevated in that way and I hope artists’ and cultural producers’ roles continue to expand and grow. I hope artists and cultural producers are seen as community leaders, seen as people who should have a seat at the table and are people who are socially engaged. I hope even more people get that opportunity as the city develops.”

Crystal Worl Public Art: 5ft. Metal Salmon Medallion

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