Crystal Worl Public Art: Resin Art Panels as Guard Rails

Crystal Worl Public Art: Resin Art Panels as Guard Rails Information

 Crystal Worl Public Art: Resin Art Panels as Guard Rails, Juneau International AirportImage title

The new terminal at the Juneau International Airport features public art works by artists Alison Bremner, Rachael Juzeler, Robert Mills, and Crystal Worl. Reconstruction of 35,000 square feet of the airport – which houses the regional air carriers, airport administrative offices, main staircase, and two elevators – started in February 2020 and is 97 percent complete. Travelers, Juneau residents, and airport staff can view these new pieces of art as they move around the space:

  • Changing Over Tide by Crystal Worl: Customized Tlingit formline portray the regional abundance of life from the sea, land, and sky. Raven (“Trickster”) releases purified raindrops to enrich the land and water; light to the darkness. The artwork is applied to a film fused between two resin layers. (Three more panels will be installed at the bottom of the stairs).
  • All About Town by Alison Bremner: Tlingit formline hand-painted murals depict well-known Juneau figures, including Romeo, Patsy Ann, helicopters, airplanes, the tram, whale sculpture, ‘Juneau sneaker’ and Tlingit wildlife figures.
  • Herring Catch by Rachael Juzeler: In the multi‐media hanging sculpture, each herring is hand-cut from multilayers of reclaimed glass that are printed, kiln-fired and snap-hooked to a stainless steel net with reclaimed fishing lines and glass floats.
  • Exit to Enter by Robert Mills: Carved sculpture panels connect the Tlingit spirit to the Tlingit Land (Lingit Aani). The bronze casted mask and wood tongue invite travelers to the region, while the small cedar masks welcomes them back. Red Cedar, Italian poplar, horse hair, bronze and Forton are used in this creation.

Crystal Worl Public Art: Resin Art Panels as Guard Rails

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Native Owned Business - Tribal Affiliation
Central Council of the Tlingit & Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska

  • Time Zone: Alaska Standard Time

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